Porsha Principle 6: Address conflict…resolve disagreements

Porsha Jones
Most of the families we grew up in didn’t teach us how to address conflict in a healthy way. As a result, many couples are poorly equipped to handle disagreements and so react with either fight, flight, or freeze responses, none of which are helpful in creating lifelong fulfilling relationships.

In this video, Porsha describes the three reasons people disagree and uses numerous role plays to demonstrate the type of real-life disagreements that occur between couples. She then follows with specific strategies you can use to defuse disagreements and even to prevent disagreements them. She closes with a roadmap you can use to navigate through disagreements in your relationship and with Learning from Past Disagreements, an exercise to put this principle into practice.


  • Introduction
  • Solving Level-1 Disagreements: Information
  • Solving Level-2 Disagreements: Different Values
  • Solving Level-3 Disagreements: Outside Factors
  • Determining the Type of Disagreement
  • Putting the Principle into Practice (Learning from Past Disagreements)

Course Features

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