Porsha Principle 3: Lift your partner…every day

Porsha Jones

Intimate relationships typically begin with some form of the honeymoon phase – a period of boundless excitement, thrill, joy, and upliftment that you experience in the company of each other. Unfortunately, for most of us, the honeymoon phase eventually ends, even though we all would love for it to continue. A key to a lifelong honeymoon is for both partners to pay attention to lifting their partner every day. But to do this successfully and consistently, takes awareness, commitment, and focus. In this video, Porsha uses Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages to help you learn what specifically lifts you partner and then provides insights and strategies that you can use to make a habit of lifting your partner every day.


  • Introduction
  • What Are Love Languages?
  • How Do You Learn Your Partner’s Love Language?
  • Proactive Strategies
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Putting the Principle into Practice (How to Love Me)

Course Features

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