Porsha Principle 4: Manage the differences…with care and communication

Porsha Jones
“Opposites attract” because a partner who is different from you takes you on a journey, an adventure if you will, into a world of experiences that you have never had or been too shy or too driven (or something in between) to pursue. However, as the initial excitement ebbs, these very opposites can lead to friction, conflict, and stress.

In this video Porsha explains why it is so important to manage differences and provides both proactive and intervention strategies for managing differences in your relationship. She shows you how to use the Couples Tendency Profile for identifying significant differences between you and your partner.


  • Introduction
  • Communication Styles
  • Style Differences
  • Focusing on Your Key Differences
  • Proactive Strategies
  • Intervention Strategy
  • Putting the Principle into Practice (The Couples Tendency Profile)

Course Features

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