Lift Your Partner Challenge


What would it do for your relationship if you and your partner dedicated the next seven days to positively lifting one another? (Porsha Principle #3: Lift Your Partner…Every Day)

Think about how a simple act every day could ignite the spark and boost your love connection.

7 Day Challenge

Thrill Your Partner...

Take the 7-Day Lift Your Partner Challenge! Each day, for seven days, do something special to show your partner love in a way that is meaningful for them.

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Sign-up below and each day I will email you five specific suggestions, based on the five love languages, that you might consider doing for your partner. (“If your partner’s love language is acts of service, consider…if it is quality time, try…or physical touch…or words of affirmation…or receiving gifts.”)

I will also share some of the actions me and my partner do for each other during the challenge.

Do a specific action for seven days to show your love for your partner, and watch the sparks fly this month and beyond!

Take the #Lift Your Partner Challenge!






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