Relationship Refresher Workshop

Restimulate the Passion!

Remember the early days in your relationship…the joy, the excitement, the longing to be together? 
Yet over time, life can take over, and the fire that fuels your relationship can wane and nearly go out?
Get back on track! Your investment in the Porsha Principles Relationship  Refresher
will provide a kickstart to getting your relationship back on track.

Is This Workshop for You?

If you and your partner are experiencing any of the following, the Relationship Refresher is designed for you.

  1. The excitement and passion in your relationship is waning
  2. Communication breakdowns are happening more often
  3. Conflict and frustration seem to be taking the place of romance and intimacy
  4. Walls are beginning to erect between the two of you
  5. You are feeling more alone, unsupported, unfulfilled, and unhappy

This one-on-one virtual workshop is for any couple seeking to get back on the path to a loving, nurturing, and fulfilling relationship.

Get the tools and strategies to recharge your relationship!

What this workshop will do

Everything You Need to Reestablish a Deep Shared Connection

This one-on-one workshop is an abbreviated version of our highly acclaimed Porsha Principles Weekend Retreat. You and your partner will learn the key strategies for employing the eight Porsha Principles to reignite your relationship.

What's Included

  • Three Virtual Sessions (90+ minutes each)  
  • The Porsha Principles eBook
  • The Premium Principles Assessment
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Workshop Benefits

You will walk away with specific strategies to:

    1. Increase the level of communication and intimacy in your relationship
    2. Manage your differences in a way that fosters understanding and closeness
    3. Address those recurring disagreements that generate conflict
    4. Rid your relationship of those pesky fire starters that ignite arguments
    5. Increase the level of joy you gain from one another so you can get back to creating and sustaining your lifelong honeymoon

The Relationship Refresher Workshop is a private session for the two of you so you will
have the opportunity to interact with Porsha and ask the questions you have.

The Agenda

The workshop includes three sessions scheduled on three separate days, typically over a two-week period. The first and last sessions are 90 minutes each; the second session is 120 minutes. 

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Prior to Session 1, you and your partner will take the Porsha Principles Premium Assessment which will serve as a guide for Porsha to help you identify key areas for concentration during your workshop.

Session 1 – Overview and Assessment

In Session 1, Porsha will provide you with an overview of the 8 Porsha Principles. She will also review with you the results of your Principles Assessment to help identify the three most important Principles for focus during the workshop. Session 1 ends with Porsha giving you and your partner homework for Session 2.

  • Principle 1: Let them know you…not your representative.
  • Principle 2: Cultivate intimacy…at deeper levels.
  • Principle 3: Lift your partner…every day.
  • Principle 4: Manage the differences…with care and communication.
  • Principle 5: Avoid the fire starters…they can ignite a blaze.
  • Principle 6: Address conflict…resolve disagreements.
  • Principle 7: Repair the ruptures…they can ruin you.
  • Principle 8: Profess, protect, and prioritize the relationship…with your thoughts, words, and actions.

Session 2 – Deep Dive

In Session 2 Porsha will take a deep dive into your relationship with a focus on two of the Principles selected based on your assessment results. 

Porsha will provide you prevention strategies to use in your relationship to prevent problems from occurring and intervention strategies to use when problems arise. She will also take you through exercises to practice using the techniques on real issues you face in your relationship. Expect this session to be highly interactive. 

Session 2 ends with Porsha assigning you homework that will help solidify your learnings from Session 2 and prepare you for the next session.

Session 3 – Deep Dive and Next Steps

Similar to Session 2, Porsha will take a deep dive into your relationship with a focus on the third Principle you selected for focus in Session 1.

Following the deep dive, Porsha will work with you to create your Couple’s Action Plan, a detailed road map to continue your progress in applying the Porsha Principles in your relationship. 

* Private workshops are customized based on the needs of the couple

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