On-Demand Couples Video Series

Sometimes daily life, stress, and certain events can cause a couple to struggle with their relationship. Whether you and your partner are having problems, disagreements, or simply want a stronger connection, relationship advice videos can help. This on-demand video format offers a convenient way to improve your communication and connection with each other.

Porsha has worked with many couples to help them overcome negativity in their relationships. These marriage advice videos introduce the concept of a “lifelong honeymoon.” Each of the principles that you learn about gives you the tools to help you achieve this with your partner.

What’s Included in the Couples Video Series?

Each video includes a communication workbook for couples that can help you apply The Porsha Principles to your life so you can achieve the relationship fulfillment you deserve.

The entire nine-video series can be purchased at a discounted price. Alternatively, individual videos can be purchased so you and your partner can focus on the principles most necessary to practice in your relationship. You’ll receive a free assessment that can guide you to the principles on which to focus.

Read our testimonials to learn how our videos have helped couples in the past.