Every couple deserves to have a relationship that is mutually fulfilling and uplifting. Let me provide you the roadmap for transforming yours.


Enduring love and lasting happiness are a choice, not a chance.

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Instead of a lifelong honeymoon, too many couples find themselves in a lifelong struggle. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Time for New Strategies?

This insightful and transformational relationship expert’s advice is for you if:

  • The excitement and passion in your relationship is waning
  • Breakdowns in communication are happening more and more often
  • Conflict and frustration seems to be taking the place of romance and intimacy
  • Walls are beginning to erect between the two of you
  • You are more and more feeling alone, unsupported, unfulfilled, and unhappy

In short, The Porsha Principles are for anyone who is looking to get back on the path to a loving, nurturing, and fulfilling relationship.

Our Solutions

The universality of the Porsha Principles is designed to allow our solutions to be used effectively by couples of all ages, races, and orientations.

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This close and intimate intensive is limited to just fifteen couples working up close with Porsha.


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Who is Porsha?

My name is Porsha Jones. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and have treated couples for over a decade. Over my career as a relationship specialist, I have been a catalyst to help hundreds of couples recognize their dysfunction, repair devastating ruptures, manage their differences, and create and sustain a new vision for their relationship so they could get back on the path to living – what I have come to call – a lifelong honeymoon. It’s real!
And, I can help you too.

I have condensed and crystallized my experiences with helping couples rediscover their lifelong honeymoon into eight pillars of healthy relationship practices – the Porsha Principles. By sharing these principles with you, I want to equip and empower you to take control and transform the challenges in your relationship into a lifelong honeymoon.


Read how Porsha’s clear and comprehensive road map to self-help for relationship problems has worked for couples like you.

We’re feeling so much more confident about getting married and creating our “lifelong honeymoon.”

Marvin, 28 and Renee, 27

It’s been such a relief to have tools to fall back on. When we disagree…it may take some time but one of us brings up what you taught us and things resolve quickly.

Kyle, 35 and Katie, 31

We went round and round on some of the same issues for years. I can now see that although we loved each other we just didn’t have the communication skills that we needed. Thank you so much.

Michael, 48 and Yasmine, 52

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Why the Porsha Principles Work

Do you remember your honeymoon – the love, the closeness, the intimacy, and the deep emotional connection you shared? Developing a relationship full of joy and sustaining it for a lifetime requires a radically different approach.

The Porsha Principles give you precisely that: a clear and comprehensive road map you can use immediately.

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