Your approach helped us navigate through a very challenging and difficult time. We are stronger than ever.

Jackson 29, and Janice, 28

I know what it means to be vulnerable now and the importance of it.

Brent, 31 and Angela, 31

We have referred so many of our family and friends to you.

Richard, 34 and Clare, 33

Porsha can tell us really hard things in such a genuine loving way that allows us to truly hear what changes we need to make.

Dion, 39 and Tasha, 36

We haven’t talked this deeply and felt so close since the beginning of our relationship 6 years ago.

Matthew, 30 and Lisa, 28

You really get to know us, you teach us, you don’t just listen to us and nod your head.

Paul, 48 and Stacey, 43

It’s been such a relief to have tools to fall back on. When we disagree…it may take some time but one of us brings up what you taught us and things resolve quickly.

Kyle 40, and Katie, 36

You have such an effective way of helping us learn and apply the skills with each other.

Bill, 53 and Susan, 52

We’re feeling so much more confident about getting married and creating our “lifelong honeymoon.”

Marvin, 35, and Renee, 34

We went round and round on some of the same issues for years, I can now see that although we loved each other we just didn’t have the communication skills that we needed. Thank you so much.

Michael 48, and Yasmine, 52

This book is a 10!!! We are not the targeted audience, but I believe the more experience you have doing something without a guide book makes you appreciate and understand the correction in having one. The Porsha Principles will definitely build confidence for us in resolving conflict! The levels of disagreement is going to be frequently used!

Sadique, 53
The two of us are approaching our 30th year together. We found most of the chapters to be helpful, and we are already practicing some of the principles. The timeline in the last chapter is excellent!
Ted, 73 and Sheila, 58

I believe The Porsha Principles will resonate with folks, and it provides a map to take real action.

Brian, 63