Not Every Couple is Ready to Invest in Therapy.

But What About 30 Minutes to Reset Your Journey?

Most couples know what their issues are. They just don’t have the tools for solving them.

But what if one of the top marriage therapists in the country could spend a half hour with you and your partner to hear your issues and provide a road map you could use to work them out together?

Whether you have been together for twenty years or just two, The Porsha Principles: The Eight Keys to Creating and Sustaining a Lifelong Honeymoon provides a comprehensive roadmap for understanding, preventing, and resolving the core issues that plague relationships.

Your investment in the Heart-to-Heart Half Hour includes a digital copy of The Porsha Principles.

During your half hour phone conversation with Porsha, you will have the opportunity to share the issues that are most impacting your relationship. She will share her thoughts and guide you to specific strategies in The Porsha Principles that you and your partner can begin practicing right away.

Many couples will find that the Heart-to-Heart Half Hour is enough to set their relationship back on the road to their lifelong honeymoon. However, if you want to work with Porsha more closely in using The Porsha Principles in your relationship, you can ask her to share additional options to meet your specific needs at the end of your session.

Is the Heart-to-Heart Half Hour for You?

If you and your partner are experiencing any of the following, the Heart-to-Heart Half Hour can get you back on track.

  1. The excitement and passion in your relationship is waning
  2. Communication breakdowns are happening more often
  3. Conflict and frustration seem to be taking the place of romance and intimacy
  4. Walls are beginning to erect between the two of you
  5. You are feeling more alone, unsupported, unfulfilled, and unhappy

A phone call with Porsha is for any couple seeking to get back on the path to a loving, nurturing, and fulfilling relationship.

Get the direction you need to recharge your relationship!


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