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My hope is that these free items will provide you with a taste of the practical and powerful resources we have to help you and your partner create and sustain YOUR lifelong honeymoon. 

Check out the free video, the sample chapter from my book, the checklist for pre-marital couples, the couples tendency profile, or any of the other resources. Here’s to your success!  

Free Sample Video 

A Sample from the On-Demand Video Series

Through the nine-part Porsha Principles On-Demand Video Series , I detail the strategies I have used with hundreds of couples to help them get their relationship back on track. I also share with you personal insights as I continue to build my lifelong honeymoon with the man in my life. If you learn better through a visual experience and want to go through the principles at your own pace and convenience, get instant access to the video series. The series includes a copy of the Porsha Principles eBook for you and your partner.

These videos on marital issues and solutions are also purchasable individually.

Take a look at the sample video on the right or subscribe below to The Porsha Principles On-demand Video Series and get 180-day access to the nine videos.

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Free Checklist to Get Started Right!

The Porsha Principles Pre-marital Checklist

My checklist, combined with the tools, exercises and strategies in my book, The Porsha Principles, will help you build the foundation for you and your partner to create and sustain a lifelong honeymoon.

Use the checklist to identify areas in your relationship that need attention. Use the book to get the tools and learn the skills that will make a difference in your relationship.

Download Porsha's Pre-Marital Checklist. These are the eight things both you and your partner should know to create and sustain your lifelong honeymoon.

Pre-Marital Checklist Form

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Get Your Free Chapter!

Principle #5 from The Porsha Principles eBook

Did you know that every relationship is threatened by fire starters?

When you don’t know how to identify and tackle them effectively, they snowball into unmanageable blazes that can destroy everything you have built with your partner. Thankfully, there are simple and effective techniques to extinguish these emotional fire starters in thoughtful, considerate, and healthy ways. Learn these techniques in Porsha Principle 5: “Avoid the Fire Starters…They Can Ignite a Blaze.”

Download your free chapter today - Principle 5: “Avoid the Fire Starters…They Can Ignite a Blaze”.

Free Chapter
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Free Assessment

The Principles Assessment

How does your relationship stack up against the 8 Porsha Principles? Take the free Principles Assessment to find out! The Free Report allows you to rate your relationship against key concepts in the Porsha Principles and provides a recommendation for your lowest rated principle.

The Premium Report compares your ratings with your partner’s ratings and makes relationship recommendations for all eight of the principles.

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Download the How to Love Me Exercise and Use It with Your Partner

If you want to sustain a positive, uplifting, and fulfilling relationship you must be aware of your partner’s love language and strategies for loving them the way they want to be loved.

Download for free!

Download-How to Love Me
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