Relationship Problems and Solutions

Instead of a lifelong honeymoon, too many couples find themselves in a lifelong struggle. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Choose Your Path to a Lifelong Honeymoon

Nine Ways to Begin Your Journey to Hyper-Fulfillment and Highly Sustained Enjoyment of One Another

Engage with the Porsha Principles: Free Live Webinars

Want to get a taste of the Porsha Principles to see if the insights into relationship problems and solutions are worthwhile for you? Join one of our free monthly webinars. Each webinar focuses on one of the eight Porsha Principles and delivers two or three key concepts or strategies from our videos and workshops that you can implement right away in your relationship. Whether you attend Getting Closer: Cultivating Intimacy at Deeper Levels or Relationship Fire Starters: How to Prevent the Blaze, or any of the other six webinars, our hope is that the great content combined with our highly interactive methods will lead you to implement our insights into your relationship, share the insights with others, and drive you to learn more!

free Live webinars

free Live webinars

Porsha Principles eBook

But don’t stop with the webinars! The Porsha Principles eBook is the comprehensive manual – a handbook – that gives you all of the core strategies to create and sustain your lifelong honeymoon through self-help for love and relationships. In addition, the eBook includes specific exercises with each principle that help you build the skills and muscle memory so that you continue to apply the strategies more and more in your relationship. We want the Porsha Principles to be your roadmap for reigniting the sparks, joy, support and passion that every relationship deserves.

Buy The Porsha Principles eBook today, read it with your partner, and do the powerful exercises designed to help you create and sustain your lifelong honeymoon.

Pre-Marital Relationship Intensive

You’ve gone from barely knowing one another to having those strong feelings of love that can serve as a foundation to build a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship.

You feel ready to take that next commitment step: engagement and on to marriage. But how can you be sure you’re ready?

The Porsha Principles Pre-Marital Relationship Intensive includes two 4-hour 1-on-1  sessions with Porsha that will give you and your partner tools for a life-time. 

The Relationship Refresher

Remember the early days in your relationship…the joy, the excitement, the longing to be together? 

Yet over time, life can take over, and the fire that fuels your relationship can wane and nearly go out.

Get back on track!  Your investment of a half-day in the Porsha Principles Relationship  Refresher
will provide a kickstart to getting your relationship back on track..

You and your partner will learn the key strategies for employing the eight Porsha Principles to reignite your relationship!

The Porsha Principles On-demand Video Series

If reading an eBook doesn’t appeal to your learning style, The Porsha Principles On-Demand Video Series may be a better answer for you. Through the nine-part video series, I detail the strategies I have used with hundreds of couples to help them get their relationship back on track. I also share with you personal insights as I continue to build my lifelong honeymoon with the man in my life. If you learn better through a visual experience and want to go through the principles at your own pace and convenience, get instant access to the video series. The series includes a copy of the eBook for you and your partner.

These videos on marital issues and solutions are also purchasable individually.

Subscribe today to The Porsha Principles On-demand Video Series and get 180-day access to the nine videos and a copy of The Porsha Principles eBook.

The Porsha Principles Virtual Workshop

If setting aside time to get a comprehensive, interactive experience appeals to you more than learning on your own through videos, The Porsha Principles Virtual Workshop may be your answer. In two half-days, you and your partner will learn the key concepts and strategies concerning marriage issues and solutions from The Porsha Principles and, with each of the eight principles, apply key learnings real-time. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the other participants. We recommend that you make the virtual workshop all about the two of you. No other appointments, no phone calls, no other distractions during the day. And then spend the evening together, reflecting, sharing, recentering and loving on one another in the way you both want to be loved as you relaunch and recommit to your lifelong honeymoon.

As part of the Virtual Workshop package, you also receive a copy of The Porsha Principles eBook and 180-day access to The Porsha Principles On-Demand Video Series.
Sign up for the virtual workshop. The interactive session, hosted by me and Michael, not only gives you an opportunity to learn the principles from the creators but also fine-tune your application of them.

The Porsha Principles Weekend Retreat

Are you and your partner ready for an exclusive, immersive, in-person experience? The In-Person Weekend Retreat is limited to just fifteen couples working up close and personal with me and Michael at a beautiful retreat center. The extended session provides the time for you and your partner to get away from the day-to-day and give 100% attention to each other and your relationship. The relaxed setting and the close intimate sharing helps rekindle the sparks that originally brought you together.
As the most intimate program in our bouquet of services, Michael and I combine our skills to create an informative and engaging experience that brings you and your partner closer together while giving you the strategies and tools to create your lifelong honeymoon.

Couples Counseling

While couples counseling is not a service we provide at Porsha Principles, our trusted referral partners below may be of help to you.


Free Assessment
The Free Report allows you to rate your relationship on the Porsha Principles and provide a recommendation for your lowest rated principle
Premium Assessment
The Premium Report compares your rating with your partner’s ratings and makes relationship recommendations for all eight of the principles.

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