The Porsha Principles Video Series (9 videos)

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The Porsha Principles On-Demand Video Series

While our webinar series provides an overview of each principle, if you are ready to learn at your own pace and get a valuable workbook to support your progress, The Porsha Principles On-Demand Video Series may be a better answer for you.
Through the nine-part video series, I detail the strategies I have used with hundreds of couples to help them get their relationship back on track. I also share with you personal insights as I continue to build my lifelong honeymoon with the man in my life. If you learn better through a visual experience and want to get through the principles at your own pace and convenience, get instant access to the video series.
The videos are designed as a series. However, you can purchasable each individually if you choose. Each video in the series comes with its own workbook to help you document and reinforce your learnings.
Sign-up today to The Porsha Principles On-demand Video Series and get 180-day access to the nine videos and the workbooks. Or, Sign Up for One or More of the individual videos. Each video has its own workbook to help you master the Porsha Principles.

Videos can be purchased as a group or separately.

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