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Learn How to Proactively Douse the Fire Starters that Can Burn Down Your Relationship

Stop letting negative habits acquired over decades of dreadful upbringing, terrible social interactions, and an unhealthy environment from ruining your happily ever after. Because you do deserve a happily ever after!

Why Destroy Something Beautiful because of Something Silly?

Did you know that every relationship is threatened by fire starters?

When you don’t know how to identify and tackle them effectively, they snowball into unmanageable blazes that can destroy everything you have built with your partner. Thankfully, there are simple and effective techniques to extinguish these emotional fire starters in thoughtful, considerate, and healthy ways. Learn these techniques in Porsha Principle 5: “Avoid the Fire Starters…They Can Ignite a Blaze.”

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Finding a mutually fulfilling and uplifting partner is not easy. Now, it’s time you learned how to preserve what you have!

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