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On-Demand Porsha Principles Video Series

Don’t want to wait for the next webinar? Purchase the Porsha Principles Video Series today and get instant access to detailed instruction from Porsha on all eight Porsha Principles.

Through the nine-part video series, Porsha details the strategies that she has used with hundreds of couples to help them get their relationship back on track. She also shares with you personal insights as she continues to build her lifelong honeymoon with the man in her life. If you learn better through a visual experience and want to get through the principles at your own pace and convenience, get instant access to the video series. The videos include exercises for you and your partner to do together to lay the foundation for creating and sustaining your lifelong honeymoon. The videos are also purchasable individually.
Buy The Porsha Principles On-demand Video Series and get 180-day access to the nine videos and the workbook for each video.

Join Our Virtual Workshop

Creating and sustaining a lifelong honeymoon takes effort, but it can also be fun and exciting.

If setting aside time to get a comprehensive, interactive experience appeals to you more than learning on your own through videos, The Porsha Principles Virtual Workshop may be your answer. In two half-days, you and your partner will learn the key concepts and strategies from The Porsha Principles and, with each of the eight principles, apply key learnings real-time. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the other participants. We recommend that you make the virtual workshop all about the two of you. No other appointments, no phone calls, no other distractions during the day. And then spend the evening together, reflecting, sharing, recentering and loving on one another in the way you both want to be loved as you relaunch and recommit to your lifelong honeymoon.
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Weekend Webinar

Experience The Porsha Principles Weekend Retreat

Unwind Yourself, Take a Break from Everything Else, and Breathe New Life into Your Relationship Over a Weekend

Are you and your partner ready for an exclusive, immersive, in-person experience? The In-Person Weekend Retreat is limited to just fifteen couples working up close and personal with Porsha and Michael at a beautiful retreat center. The extended session provides the time for you and your partner to get away from the day-to-day and give 100% attention to each other and your relationship. The relaxed setting and the close intimate sharing helps rekindle the sparks that originally brought you together.
As the most intimate program in our bouquet of services, Porsha and Michael combine their skills to create an informative and engaging experience that brings you and your partner closer together while giving you the strategies and tools to create your lifelong honeymoon.

Take The First Step to Your Lifelong Honeymoon Today With our eBook, Video Series, or Workshops.