Pre-Marital Counseling

Start out right by  laying the foundation for YOUR lifelong honeymoon with The Porsha Principles. 

You Have Found the Love of Your Life.

You’ve gone from barely knowing one another to having those strong feelings of love that can serve as a foundation to build a fulfilling and life-long relationship.

You feel ready to take that next commitment step: engagement and on to marriage. But how can you be sure you’re ready?

And if you are ready, what are the steps you need to take to start your marriage out right?

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Get 1-on-1 Premarital Counseling
From One of the Top Marriage Therapists in the US!

Porsha Jones is a licensed marriage and family therapist and author of The Porsha Principles: A Practical Guide to Creating and Sustaining a Lifelong Honeymoon.

 As a former pro sports wife, Porsha began her therapy career working with professional athletes and their partners. Her success with this elite audience quickly spread to elite levels in other professions, resulting in her couples therapy practice expanding to CEOs, religious leaders, entertainers, and other celebrities.

Today, in running the Porsha Principles organization, her attention has turned to equipping larger audiences through her videos and workshops. However, she continues to offer a limited number of couples each month the opportunity to work with her 1-on-1 in premarital counseling sessions.

Makes a Wonderful Gift!

Get your soon-to-be-wed loved ones started off on the right foot
with tools and strategies that will last them a lifetime.

Our Approach: 
The Porsha Principles Pre-Marital Intensive

There is a saying from the poet Virgil, “Love conquers all.” And yet there are many relationships in which the couple felt strongly in love, at least at one time, that have been thrown into the relationship dumpster. What happened? Does the fact that the relationship didn’t make it mean they were not really in love, or could it be that love doesn’t conquer all?

At Porsha Principles, we believe love can indeed conquer all, especially if both partners know and apply the Porsha Principles to their relationship.

Love can conquer all when the couple practices things like Principle 2: Lift your partner…every day, and Principle 4: Manage the differences…with care and communication, and Principle 5: Avoid the fire starters…they can ignite a blaze.

Do you want to get your marriage started out right?
Get pre-marital counseling from the expert! 

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Prepare Enrich

1-on-1 Video Sessions with Porsha

Our Pre-Marital Intensive combines the fundamentals of the Porsha Principles with Prepare and Enrich, the nation’s most-trusted pre-marital assessment program.

The two 4-hour, 1-on-1 sessions with Porsha are jam-packed with tools and strategies you can begin using immediately. Through these sessions, you and your partner will:

  1. Learn and understand why you face the challenges that you do

  2. Understand your major differences that often  cause conflict and how to more effectively address them

  3. Identify the firestarters in your relationship and how to avoid them

  4. Get equipped with strategies for resolving disagreements

  5. Have the opportunity to identify  past ruptures and learn a process for repairing them

  6. Learn tools for more effective communication with one another

  7. Understand the depth of your relationship across the 5 key intimacy areas

  8. Learn  your partner’s love language and ways to lift your partner daily

       And more…

You will walk away with tools for a lifetime…a foundation for creating and sustaining your lifelong honeymoon.

Make the Investment in Your Relationship!

Your Investment 

$995 – Includes: two 4-hour, 1-on-1 intensive sessions with Porsha, The Porsha Principles ebook, and the Prepare and Enrich assessment and couples report.

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