Getting Real: Letting Your Partner Know You….Not Your Representative An Overview of Porsha Principle #1

In a world where we are expected to be good enough in every area of our lives, fit in and make everyone happy or get rejected, it is understandable that people would be tempted to put up a false face, a representative of their true selves. But when it comes to love, what happens when your partner falls in love with your representative, or when your true self emerges? For partners looking for long-term, sustainable love, they must allow each other to know their true selves. In this webinar, Porsha will describe what a representative is, how to prevent representatives from showing up in the first place, how to intervene when you suspect your partner’s representative has taken over, and several strategies from the Porsha Principles that you can use immediately to increase the love and connection with your partner.

Start Time

7:30 pm

April 14, 2022

Finish Time

8:30 pm

April 14, 2022